Garage sale1 ~everything from my home ~~~~家にあるもの全て、ガレージセールします。

As we (my husband and myself) will move back to Japan in early April, we decided to have a garage sale.
We bought most of them in August 2013. So, we used only 8 months and applicants are still new model.

Pick up at our flat, located very close to Hypercity/ Inorbit Malad West, please.
If you want to have a look first, you will be welcomed!

For further queries, please e-mail to
Please change [at] to @ and send.



我が家は、マラド ウエスト、イノービット近くにあります。



<1> Home Applicants are listed below.
<2> Furniture and others will be in the next post.
<3> Others small home applicants and things related to Japanese will follow. (We are giving for free)

<1> Home Applicants

1)Refrigerator  LG 240 liter : GL 254VHG4

INR 14,000/-

2 Doors and big enough for over 2 people, 240 liter.
I think it is okay for 3 to 4 people, too. We kept Japanese food in it and needed bigger one.
To note, we are non-veg.


2)Micro-wave/ Grill /Convection     Panasonic NN-CT641M

INR 9000/-

You can comfortably warm by Microwave, grill and even make bread by convection.
It has 101 auto menu.

3) TV Haier   LE40B50 


40inch LED TV with excellent condition. Well......we did not watch TV much...

4) Rice cooker SANYO
INR 8000/-

Perhaps only Japanese will be interested......but it is truly Japanese quality one.


5)Washing Machine : Video con 6 liter

INR: 6500/-

As we bought from our friend as a 2nd hand, we will give big discount.
The condition is good and has several settings.

6) Gas Stove : Faber
INR 4500/-

Thanks to our maid, it is in good condition.
Liter is build in and you do not need to use a liter.

7)Electric stove/ Injection : Phillips HD4909
INR 3,000

Till we get the cylinder gas, we used it. So, only some week of use. 

 Hope you liked.

If you like to have, we will give toaster, hair dryer, iron machine, dishes, glasses etc etc as well. ( for free)

For further queries, please e-mail to
Please change [at] to @ and send.



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