Garage sale 3 ~~Small applicants, kitchen equipment and others~~~ その他もろもろ、和食器、和食材もあります

As we (my husband and myself) will move back to Japan in early April, we decided to have a garage sale.
We bought most of them in August 2013. So, we used only 8 months.

Pick up at our flat, located very close to Hypercity/ Inorbit Malad West, please.
If you want to have a look first, you will be welcomed!

For further queries, please e-mail to
Please change [at] to @ and send.



我が家は、マラド ウエスト、イノービット近くにあります。



<1> Home Applicants are in the Garage sale 1.
<2> Furniture and others will be in the previous post.
<3> Others small home applicants and things related to Japanese are as below.

<3>Others small home applicants and any other things!

We will basically gives below list for free for those who takes over 3 items from home applicants and furniture unless otherwise the price is mentioned.

If you would like to take only the below list, please let me know which one you would like to take.


A) Kitchen applicants

1) Toaster : Normal toaster for 2 slices of toast!

2) Philips Hand blender HR1363

INR1700 : this one we want to sell

Very useful for fresh juice and mixing up.

3)Prestige 3 liter , Pressure cooker

INR 800

I used only several times only.....

4) Pan etc

We have more variety upon your preference!

5) Kitchen equipment

Other kitchen equipment such as knife, chopping board, bowl etc etc are available.
Please feel free to drop me a mail.

6) Japanese dishes / Zipper


7) Zipper - Imported one. this can close tightly unlike local made one.

I have 4 of middle size(left) and 4 of smaller size( right)

8)Indian dishes

INR 2500/-

full set for 6

9) Glasses

6 of the left galass and 8 of the tea and cup and many more!

B) Others

Hair dryer

Small vacuum

Cloth drying pole : INR 1000


Yoga mat*2

C) Japanese foods
Rice, source, spices, etc etc. full set to start a Japanese restaurant!


 Hope you liked.

For further queries, please e-mail to
Please change [at] to @ and send.



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